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Annual Maintenance Contract

We are interested in AMC of hydraulic Equipments which are supplied by us or our associated companies or the equipments which comes under the scope of our manufacturing and trading.

The annual charges would be based on the followings

  • Nature of Equipments

  • Number of Equipments

  • Types and quantity of spares

  • Frequency of visit

  • Degree of complexity

  • Location of work place

  • Types of tools required

After having all the details we would like to visit the work place to finally asses the competitive charges and payment modality. The spare for routine change and damaged components would be procured from the OEM if not available with them, then would arrange from other supplier of reputation. For other than routine visit we may charge extra with mutual understanding to solve any breakdown problem. If any component which would be found as irreparable the customer would be needed to deliver it to the designated repair centre recommended by us to be reconditioned under our supervision.

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