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Engine Belts

Development of Machines and Equipments

Special Purpose Machines: Here we are focused in designing Special Purpose Machines based on hydraulics. Normally these machines would meet up the customers requirement to enhance their productivity and safety. We first of all get the over view of customer’s requirement and then if needed we would make a visit of the work place and then work out the technical specification and based on these findings a schematic diagram would be prepared . After customers approval the complete drawings will be developed at our end and finally will be sent for manufacturing by our associated companies having state of the art facility to manufacture the machine .The customer will be allowed to visit the manufacturing company with prior intimation to the manufacturer.

Scope of Development
  • Material handling

      Scissor Lift 

      Sheet coiling and uncoiling Machine

  • Floor crane

  • Press work
    Press for punching and blanking
    Press brake for sheet bending

      Pipe bending machines

  • Material Molding
    Cocopith Molding Machine
    Thermocole molding Machines

       Composite molding Machine

  • Material Testing

       Fatigue Testing Machines

      Anchor bolt Testing Machine

  • Elbow valves for water flow control

  • Car Service Platform with one or two cylinders

  • Railway wagon service Jacking system

  • Large pipes circumferential welding attachment

Development of Equipment:

Hydraulic cylinders: We are well versed in the designing and development of hydraulic cylinders of almost all type in the working pressure range up to 250 bar in general and 500-600 bar in special cases. The cylinders may be single acting, double acting, welded type or tie rod type, foot mounted, clevis mounted, flange mounted or trunnion mounted with or without mounting bearings. As per customer requirement we do designing of the hydraulic cylinder and then send the general assembly drawing to the customer for their approval. After customer’s approval we do send the complete set of drawing with detailed BOQ to our concerned associated companies for manufacturing. The machine- able components are machined in house, for sleeve and piston-rod we use high quality semi-finished imported honed tubes and chrome plated piston rod, of high-grade steel. We do use only reputed German sealing system for zero leakage, minimum friction and long service life.

Hydraulic Power Packs: For controlling the load, speed and sequence of operation of hydraulic cylinders and motors a well-designed power pack is needed for the efficient and reliable functioning of a hydraulic system. We do design and develop power packs to suite our customers system which they may have developed, procured or renovating any existing system. For the development of a power pack we first understand the customers requirement with respect the working , sequence of operation of various actuators and motors their pressure and discharge rating and then a suitable circuit is designed with optimum number of valve and accessories. The layout of the complete power pack is done on solid works and approval from the customer is taken to be manufactured by our associated companies and after customer’s inspection and approval for dispatch we will get it delivered to the customer designated place if needed it will be commissioned by our engineers.

Note: All type of manufacturing is done in our supervision strictly as per our drawing under our strict quality control by the companies associated with through MOU. The customer will be allowed to visit the manufacturing company with prior intimation to the manufacture. Billing will be done by PHE. All warranty and service responsibilities would be ours. We will update our customers on regular basis through our website portal where each customer will have a dedicated log in.

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