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Trading of Equipments and Spares

Trading of Equipments: We are doing trading of equipments which are designed, developed and manufactured by the reputed companies associated with us through official MOUs. We are working for laisoning purpose. We will provide complete technical support to the customer for enquiry, quotation, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing if the order is placed through us. If the customer places order directly to the manufacturer than we would facilitate the customer of our associated companies as per the written instruction to us by the manufacturer. In any case the manufacturer of the equipment will always be updated for all the technical and commercial activities & communications related to their product. Even if the equipment is procured through us all the general terms and condition of warranty and service will be same as that of the original supplier. The service spare parts for all trading equipments will be procured by the OEM if we are assigned the service responsibility.

1. Hydraulic Cylinders
2. Hydraulic Power pack
3. Elbow Valve
4. Reel Lift Trolley
5. Flip-over Table
6. Transformer Core Release Press
7. Caliper Press for Chain Pin
8. Caliper Brake
9. Cocopith Moulding Machine
10. Railway Elastomeric Pad Testing Machines
11. Blast furnace Jack for Drill attachment
12. Fixture for circumferential welding

13.Reel Fixture for packing
14.Steel bar cutter
15. C-frame press
16.Embossing Press
17.Friction Welding Machine
18.Scissor lift
19.Slip form Jack
20.Jib Crane
21. Sheet uncoiling Machine
22. Thermocole moulding machine
23. Vertical lathe Tool beam brake
24. Floor mini crane
25. Fatigue Testing Machine

Trading of Spares Parts: All spares for the servicing and repairs of Hydraulic Power Pack, Hydraulic Cylinders and Special Purpose Machines will be procured from our associated companies as per the customers requirement. Frequently required service parts may be delivered from our office to meet up any urgency. If any special requirement would be there which is not in the scope of our associated company interest then we would out source for our customers. Sometimes when exact replacement is not feasible within the required time frame then we would recommend the best suitable substitute components considering its compatibility and economy so that the customer may work without interruption.

1. Suction strainer
2. Return Line filter
3. Oil filter cartages
4. Direction Control Valve
5. Pressure relief valve
6. Level gauge
7. Filler Breather
8. Check valve
9. Hydraulic seals
10. Clevis Bearings

11. Pressure Gauges
12. Gauge Isolator
13. Hydraulic Pipe fittings
14. Hydraulic adaptor
15. Standard Plugs
16. Finished Sleeves for Tierod cylinder
17. Piston rods as per customers drawing
18. Manifold block
19. Pipe clamps
20. Hydraulic Hoses

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