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Fatigue Testing Machine

This machine was developed for RDSO Lucknow for the  testing  of  elastomeric  pads .The Elastomeric pads are rubber bonded with metal plates in sandwich form of  size as  205mm x 178mm x 75mm . These pads are used to support railway bogies on axles. They are placed between the roller bearing adapter and the bogie side frame as an anti vibrant component. The  machine was completely designed and developed by our team while working in Rajiv Hydraulics P Ltd. Delhi. The machine was successfully   commissioned at RDSO premises Lucknow and testing of pads were performed as per the standards. This testing machine was for sample testing of elastomeric pads manufactured by various suppliers for the  quality control and approval of the product.

The machine is broadly  in five segments like the Press structure, the fixture , Hydraulic power pack  the Cooling tower and the Electric control panel. The structure is made with mild and En8  material. The bottom platen is provided with T-slots and the fixture is rigidly mounted on this. The top platen is provided with flange mounted  tie rod type hydraulic cylinder. The  power pack  provides proportionally control pressurised oil pressure  to the hydraulic cylinder for achieving the semi sinusoidal loading pattern at 2Hz in the range of 7 tons to  22 tons at an inclination of 10°with the horizontal at 50 mm offset. The power pack is provided with a shell and tube type oil cooler to maintain the hydraulic oil temperature within specified limit with the help of a FRP  cooling tower.

Technical specifications:

Working principle:

Load capacity:

Load pattern:

Frequency of loading:

Fixture position:

Oil hydraulics

max 30 ton designed,7-22 ton working

semi sinusoidal

1-3 Hz

for 10° pad orientation & 50mm off set positioning

Fatigue Testing Machine  (with the control panel and the power pack)


Fatigue Testing Machine  (with the control panel and the power pack)

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