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Engine Powered Hydraulic Jacking System

This Engine Powered Hydraulic Jacking System was developed for the servicing and maintaining the railway bogies. There are four jacks with the provision of  position locking through nut for the purpose of safety to avoid overhauling .The gross lifting capacity is 20 tons. The jacks are fitted symmetrically under the bogie to be lifted and pressurized by the remotely located power pack through sufficiently long hydraulic hoses of rated capacity. The power pack is operated through a diesel engine. All the jacks move at the same speed maintaining  the level with the help of a flow divider . This complete system was designed and developed by our team while  working in Rajive Hydraulics P Ltd . This system was commissioned  at one of the railway yard in Delhi and it was functioning up to the satisfaction level of the service team. For easy maneuvering of the heavy power pack  a well design trolley was  suitably attached.

Technical specifications:

Working principle:

Power Source:

Lifting Capacity:


Number of Jacks:

Safety provision:

Oil hydraulics

Diesel Engine

20 tons



Piston rod with nut & screw

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