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Design & Development of Light Weight Palky

Proposal of Govt. of Uttarakhand,
Approved by UCOST, Dehradun.

Co-Investigator: Mohammad Aftab Azam
Issued to DIT University, Dehradun.
Order Date: 20.01.2007


Specification of the Light Weight Palky

Pay Load Capacity

Design Capacity

No. of Passenger

No. of Carrier

Weight of the Palky
(Without Medical Oxygen Cylinder)

Weight of the Palky
(With Medical Oxygen Cylinder)

Gross Length of the Palky

Gross Width of the Palky


80 kg / One Person

160 kg

1 Person

2 Persons

7.5 Kg

16 Kg

206 cm

45 cm

Mild Steel Tube & Canvas

         In hilly areas where motorized transportation is not available. The movements of old aged and sick persons are done through Palky, generally made with wood and carried by two or more persons. It was observed by our state government that the presently used Palky was quiet bulky and congested, which was uncomfortable for both the passengers and carriers. To improve the overall performance of the existing Palky, the government of Uttarakhand gave DITU an opportunity to develop the light weight Palky to suit both the passengers and carriers.

          The Palky was designed and developed by DITU for carrying one person up to 80 kg weight with the help of two carriers. The important features of this Palky is that it is 40% lighter than the previously used wooden Palky, the seat is of canvas which is self-adjusting in nature to suit the passenger’s posture. It is fabricated with mild steel tube, hence it is lighter as well as stronger. By using mild steel we are reducing the use of wood for the fabrication and thus it is eco-friendly.

          This Palky has been developed up to the satisfaction level of U-COST Dehradun and submitted on 21st June 2010 along with an additional attachment of oxygen cylinder and dispenser unit to handle any medical emergency.

          It is a matter of pride for us to have an oppurtunity to work on this project. The Uttarakhand Government is practically using this model of Palky to support 128 numbers of “Ambulance-108” emergency service.

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