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Technical Consultancy

Minor Consultancy

Selection of Equivalent components: During breakdown maintenance if customer is not getting the exact component for replacement then alternate components with same functionality and mounting is needed - here we would provide our customer the best alternate model with complete technical specification and make.

Design of Parts of a hydraulic cylinder: During breakdown maintenance if customer finds a particular component of a hydraulic cylinder is damaged and needs replacement then standard components may be procured from concerned supplier, if it is a machined component then we would support our customer with a suitable drawing for manufacturing it.

Design of Manifold block for power pack: SPM manufacturers need manifold block for mounting various hydraulic valves and other components. We can provide them to the scale template to expediting the manufacturing process as well as optimizing the size.

Tolerance selection: Machine manufactures sometimes needs proper tolerance in the mating surfaces of various components for best fitting, standardization and interchangeability of components. Here we would upgrade their drawings following industry standards.

Major Consultancy

Design of tailor-made material handling equipment: To expedite the manufacturing process, industries needs various types of SPMs for material handling purpose, most of the time they are automatic and semi automatic and hydraulic- operated. We would visit the customer to understand their requirement and would do complete designing and drawing and finally will develop the prototype after their approval.

Design of hydraulic press: We do design and develop special purpose hydraulic press for manufacturing sheet metal components, assembly & disassembly of press fit components and for bailing of scraps.

Design of Hydraulic Power Pack: Hydraulic System manufactures may sometimes due to shortage of manpower and technically sound working hand needs out sourcing for design of Hydraulic power pack – here we will support the customer with the circuit design and complete Bill of Quantity which will expedite their manufacturing process and optimize their delivery.

Design of Hydraulic Cylinder: If a customer needs to modify any existing mechanical system by using a hydraulic cylinder then our team will look into the system and will suggest the details of a suitable hydraulic cylinder along with a general assembly drawing and detailed technical specifications.

Mechanical Testing Machines: We have designed Fatigue Testing Machines for elastomeric pad of railway wagons. We may develop special machines for the load testing of any type of material or components under linear or torsional load.

Design of Fixtures: For machining, welding and assembly of heavy components we would support our customers by providing design, drawing and prototype of fixture for rigidly holding heavy jobs on machine.

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